About Ivanti Neurons for HR 2022.3

Ivanti Neurons for HR enables users to easily add HR functionality into their existing Neurons for ITSM system.

Minimum platform version requirements: Ivanti Neurons for ITSM 2022.2

Prerequisites: Contact Ivanti Professional Services Organization (PSO) to obtain and install Ivanti Neurons for HR, part of the Neurons for ITSM Enterprise paid enhancement package.

Use Ivanti Neurons for HR to do the following:

Create and manage HR grievance cases.

Create and manage HR service requests.

Track automated approvals required to fulfill service requests.

Analyse how the HR department is doing.

HR User Roles

The following HR roles are available in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. Each user role has different capabilities, roles, and responsibilities:

HR Administrator - configures and administers the HR user roles and responsibilities.

HR Manager - manages the overall functioning of the HR department and holds approval authority.

HR Recruiter - manages all recruitment tasks.

HR Analyst - manages HR-related cases and requests, a role similar to a Service Desk Analyst but limited to HR-related tasks.


The HR dashboards are available only for HR Manager and HR Analyst user roles and are displayed on the Home page. These dashboards provide a visual representation of data for HR Managers and Analysts. The associated reports help to track, monitor, and provide data for business decisions and initiatives.