Working with Stakeholders

About Stakeholders

Adding a Stakeholder

About Stakeholders

A stakeholder is an employee who might have a stake in the outcome of a record or approval. Stakeholders are commonly used for releases and budgets. Stakeholders work with the approval board to ensure that approved processes are implemented. Stakeholders might also have other functions, such as ensuring a back-out plan is in place or that the rollout into the live environment will have the least possible risk and negative impact, in the case of a release.

There is no approval process by default for stakeholders.

Adding a Stakeholder

1.Log into the Service Desk Console.

2.Open the workspace for which to assign the stakeholder (such as Release or Sub-Budget Plan).

3.Click the Stakeholders tab.

4.Click Link. A list of employee names appears.

5.Select the employee to link as a stakeholder and click Select. The employee is linked to the record as a stakeholder and appears in the list.

6.Repeat to add more employees.

7.Click Save.