Viewing Survey Results

Viewing, monitoring, and tracking survey statistics is an important task for a Service Desk Manager. Customer feedback in the form of survey responses is a valuable source of data collection for gathering metrics on the effectiveness of the Service Desk in responding to and resolving customer incidents and Change requests.

The application stores responses to the survey for a business object on the Survey Results tab of the business object record. The Survey Results tab is available only to Service Desk Managers.

When an Incident or Change is closed either by the customer or automatically after a defined period of time, the application sends the customer an email with the survey link. After the customer enters and submits the survey, the application automatically lists the survey results in the business object record.

Sample Scenario - Incident

1.Log in to the Service Desk console.

2.Open the Incident workspace and open any incident record.

3.Click the Survey Results tab.

4.View the question in the Question Text column and the corresponding customer response in the Answer Text column.

5.Click Save.