Default Schedules

The following schedules are included in Neurons for ITSM by default, and can be modified to your circumstances.

Schedule Name Type Used For
Agreement Reminder Notification DailySchedule  
Annual Review YearlySchedule  
APAC - Weekend Changes WeeklySchedule  
Archive Schedule WeeklySchedule  
BDWindow WeeklySchedule  
CI Cost Service MonthlySchedule  
DSM Software Sync and Computer Sync DailySchedule  
EarlyMorningWindow WeeklySchedule  
EMEA - Business Hours WeeklySchedule  
EMEA - Early Evening WeeklySchedule  
Friday Night Change Window WeeklySchedule  
GMI - Daily Last Friday of the Month DailySchedule  
GMI Global Lock Out WeeklySchedule  
GMI Weekly change window WeeklySchedule  
Monthly Interval MonthlySchedule  
MTWLockout WeeklySchedule  
Non-Production Change Window DailySchedule  
Run Variance Quick Action WeeklySchedule  
Service Allocation Calculation Daily Schedule DailySchedule Service resource allocation. See About Distribution.
USA Weekly Change Windows WeeklySchedule  
Web Server Window WeeklySchedule  
Weekly Agentless Scan WeeklySchedule  
Weekly backout plan WeeklySchedule  
Weekly Business Hours WeeklySchedule