About Ivanti Neurons for GRC

Version: 2023.2

Ivanti Neurons for GRC provides a centralized platform for your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) team to assess risk and manage compliance against numerous authoritative sources.

Important: The following features are available in the Ivanti Neurons for GRC application, or as part of the Neurons for ITSM Enterprise paid enhancement package.

Minimum platform version requirements: Neurons for ITSM 2022.3.

Prerequisites: Contact Ivanti Professional Services Organization (PSO) to obtain and install the Neurons for ITSM Enterprise package.

This software provides the following benefits:

  • Analysis and mitigation of risks.

  • Streamlined audits, findings, reports, and processes for appropriate actions.

  • Rapid containment of any breaches and documentation of steps taken in a secure, need-to-know process.

Neurons for GRC is associated with the GRC Manager and GRC Analyst roles, and the following primary business objects:

  • GRC Audit

  • GRC Authority Document

  • GRC Citation

  • GRC Compliance

  • GRC Control

  • GRC Evidence

  • GRC Exception

  • GRC Mitigation Plan

  • GRC Policy

  • GRC Supervisory Authority

  • GRC Risk

  • GRC Risk Assessment

  • GRC Risk Mitigation

  • GRC Threat Analysis

Important: Some content, such as pick list values, is locked to preserve system functions. Locked content is designated by a padlock icon in the Configuration console.

Neurons for GRC Roles

Two roles are available for Neurons for GRC:

GRC Manager

The GRC Manager has full access to all Neurons for GRC features. This includes full read/write access for all GRC business object records.

GRC Analyst

The GRC Analyst has restricted access to Neurons for GRC features. For the majority of features, the GRC Analyst has read access only, however is able to carry out analytical tasks against GRC business object records.