Custom JavaScript Code Block

Inserts a fragment of programmer-defined JavaScript code into the voice application. The objAppCtx variable holds a reference to Application Context object. The objBlockDOMNode variable contains a reference to an MS XML object referring to the block XML node in the application XML file.


objAppCtx.LogInfo("Some Information for log"); // log some data

var DNIS = objAppCtx.CallProperties.Item(“InteractionData”).Item(“DNIS”); // interaction data access

objBlockDOMNode.selectSingleNode("Configuration/Param[@Name='SomeCustomParam']/text()").nodeValue // custom parameters access

The JavaScript programmer is responsible for the validation of the code.


Label - Change the name of the block if needed to uniquely identify the use of this block in the application flowchart.

When Configuration for this Block is Complete:

Click the Update button to apply the settings.

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