This section describes the major features in this release. For more information, see the Voice online help from Ivanti product documentation page.

Agent side: Ability to hit 'Enter' in the field on the toolbar to initiate a call after typing the number

From the Agent Toolbar in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, the analyst will be able to enter the number and then press Enter to initiate the call.

Update License File Check to confirm a valid license for the system

The following checks are performed while importing a license file to ensure that it is valid to be applied on the host machine.

License file extension. (The valid extension is .lic)

License file size. (Size must be in the range 2Kbytes - 500 Kbytes)

License file format

Availability of host information from the license file

Ability to read network adapter information of the host

Presence of MAC address information in the license file

Matching the MAC address present in the license file with the actual MAC address of the host machine