New Features

This section describes the major new features in this release. For more information, see the Voice online help from Ivanti product documentation page.

TLS 1.2 Support for DB Connections: Ivanti Voice can now connect to SQL server over secure connections upto TLS version 1.2. The connections strings can be configured with drivers SQLNCLI11 and MSOLEDBSQL to establish TLS connections.

TLS 1.2 Support for SaaS Integration: Communication between Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Voice is upgraded to support TLS connections.

ISM Toolbar

The ISM toolbar that appears when a voice enabled agent logs in to the ISM main page, communicates with Voice Server over a Secure Websocket connection on port 5744. Message Server listens on this port to accept incoming TLS connections.

The flash version of the toolbar uses non secure port 5743. Most browsers are ending flash support by end of 2020. Hence it is necessary to configure Voice server and ISM toolbar to use secure connections on port 5744.

Quick Action - IPCM Voice Activity

The Voice Application Server implements the Click2Talk webservice on default port 2323. This webservice is invoked by ISM to configure and run IPCM Voice activity (Quick Action).

The Click2Talk Webservice is upgraded to listen on port 2324 (default nonsecure port 2323 + 1) to accept requests over TLS connections. If the default port is changed, Click2Talk service will listen to nonsecure connections on the configured port and TLS connections on configured port + 1.

CA Certificate

The message server and application server discussed in previous sections requires a valid SSL Certificate from Certified Authority (CA) to accept TLS connections. More details on configuring Server Certificate can be found in the online help from Ivanti product documentation page.