New Features

This section describes the major features in this release. For more information, see the Voice online help from Ivanti product documentation page.

Main focus of this release is to address some of the security vulnerabilities ofVoice.

Improved Documentation of Javascript Block

The help page for Javascript Block is modified to list more details of the objects and methods that are supported to be used in the block.

Timeout Sub Block

The application blocks which depends on responses from external servers such as Ivanti Service Manager, SMS gateways, and Twitter is provided with a timeout sub block. In case of a timeout while reaching these servers, the application is routed to the sub block. This enables to add customized handling for timeout events.

Security Enhancements

Following changes are made in this release to address some security issues.

File upload

There are two locations in Voice admin portal where file upload is allowed.

System Configuration > License Server > Upload/Check

Log Viewer > Export/Import Logs

The file upload is now limited to files with extensions, “.lic” for License file and “.mdb” for imported Logs.

HTTP Headers

Voice Web portal will add the following headers in HTTP responses sent to clients.






Configuration Changes

The Click2Talk webservice is hosted on IIS as an asmx web service. The URL for accessing the webservice is https://<Voice Machine domain name/IP Address>/Voice/C2TWebService.asmx.

You must install IIS and a site binding must be created in IIS for the Voice application with a valid SSL Certificate to access the webservice through HTTPS.

Follow the below steps to apply the new configuration:

1.Disable Business rule

The following business rules must be disabled under FRS_IPCM_integration Business Object in Ivanti Service Manager SaaS Integration to configure the asmx Webservice URL.

Initialization Rules Changes

Change the status to OFF for FRS_IPCM_Integration.IPCMUrlPort(Default) IPCMUrlPort = 2323 as shown below.

Editing and Calculation Rules Changes

Change the status to OFF for the following rules.

Whenever IPCMServerHost is changed set IPCMUrl = @(“http://” + IPCMServerHost + “:” + IPCMUrlPort)

Whenever IPCMUrlPort is changed set IPCMUrl = @(“http:/” + IPCMServerHost + “:” + IPCMUrlPort)

2.Change IPCM Integration Configuration

Change the IPCM Integration configuration in Hybrid Configuration of Voice Integration in AdminUI as shown below:

Configuration Examples:

Voice Machine Domain Name:

IPCM Server Host Name :

IPCM Web Services Port : Leave empty

IPCM Web Service URL :

3.Modify Configuration in Tenant/ConfigDB

Modify the configuration in Tenant as shown below:

IPCM Host: