Logging In

Log into the Agent Dashboard and connect to the Ivanti Voice server using the Connect to Contact Center dialog box.

To Log into the Agent Dashboard, do one of the following:

If the Agent Dashboard is not open, select Start > Programs > Ivanti, Inc. > Communications Management > Agent Dashboard.

If the Agent Dashboard is already open but no agent is logged in, select File > Log in.

Configure the settings described below. Each setting is mandatory unless otherwise noted. Click the OK button when you are done to connect the Agent Dashboard to the Ivanti Voice server and access the Agent Dashboard interface.

User Name and Password - Since you are configuring the Agent Dashboard, enter your username and password.

Discovered Server - Select this option if you want the Agent Dashboard to scan for a Ivanti Voice server on the network with which to connect. When you select this option, the Server Name drop-down list appears below, listing all Ivanti Voice servers on the network. Select a server from the list.

Network Address - Select this option if the Agent Dashboard does not show your Ivanti Voice server in the list. When you select this option, the Host Name and Port fields appear below. Enter the name of the host and port on which the Ivanti Voice server resides.

Log in Using an Desktop Phone - Select this check box if the workstation uses a desktop phone; deselect this check box if the workstation uses a softphone. If you select this option, enter the extension of the desktop phone in this text box. Do not enter the IP address.

Save Password - This option populates automatically the User Name and Password fields with the username and password you entered on this screen. The Agent Dashboard configuration (including stored username and password) is stored in the currently logged Windows user's profile; as a result, every Windows user logging on the same workstation will have their own Agent Dashboard configuration.