Not Ready Reasons Configuration

The Agent Dashboard enables agents to manually indicate when they are in the Ready state (i.e., available to handle calls) or the Not Ready state. If an agent switches to the Not Ready state, the Agent Dashboard allows the agent to select a predefined Not Ready reason. Supervisors use the Agent Dashboard Quality Management tab to view currently selected Not Ready reasons.

Refer to the Agent Dashboard User’s Guide for more information about the Agent Dashboard.

You can add, edit, and delete Not Ready reasons as needed. The Contact Center server provides four default Not Ready reasons for all agents: Lunch, Break, Meeting, and Away from Desk.

You can also make it mandatory for agents to indicate a Not Ready reason. This can be done:

At the agent level on the Agent Settings tab of the Agent Properties dialog box. Refer to .

At the agent group level on the Agent Group Properties dialog box. Refer to ).

System-wide on the Advanced Configuration page for the Contact Center server. Refer to .

To Edit, Add, or Delete Not Ready Reasons:

  1. Click Agents/Skills/Services > 'Not Ready' Reasons. The ‘Not Ready’ Reasons page opens.

    Modify a Not Ready reason by changing the text in the Reason name field.

    Add a Not Ready reason by typing a Not Ready reason name in the blank field at the bottom of the Reason name column, and clicking the Add button.

    Delete a Not Ready reason by clicking the red x icon at the end of the row.

  1. Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact the change.