Ivanti Voice Overview

Ivanti Voice is a robust telephony system with a software-based switching platform for bridging traditional telephony networks with VoIP networks. The system offers numerous features, including unified messaging (UM) for end users, advanced networking options, automated voice applications, etc. Configure Ivanti Voice with other Ivanti, Inc. business applications ( such as HEAT; Foundation/ITSM, CSM, and GMEE; and GoldMine), integrate with third-party applications such as Microsoft, and link Ivanti Voice with VoIP service providers.

Ivanti Voice operates from a central server that integrates with your existing telephony network and various data sources. Client interfaces can operate locally on the central Ivanti Voice server, and remotely from workstations that have continuous access to the central Ivanti Voice server.

The solution includes multiple applications and interfaces for the following different types of users:

System administrators - Technical experts who install, configure, and administer Ivanti Voice, and manage Ivanti Voice users.

Application developers - Developers who create voice applications for Ivanti Voice.

Contact center supervisors - Contact center managers who monitor contact center activity.

Contact center agents (agents) - Contact center employees who handle calls.

Ivanti Voice maximizes the potential of contact centers in a variety of ways, including:

Callers using a public telephone network interact with automated call processing applications, and have real-time conversations with contact center agents who use phones connected to a LAN.

Various automated call processing applications retrieve data from customers, access databases, authenticate callers, and route calls to the most suitable agent.

Contact center agents perform basic call tasks (such as answering and transferring calls) from their computers and/or integrated desktop phones.

Contact center supervisors monitor statistical data about contact center activity, and listen to conversations between agents and callers.

System administrators monitor server and application activity locally and remotely.