Client Applications and Web Interfaces

Ivanti Voice includes various interfaces and client applications for different types of users. The Ivanti Voice installation wizard installs shortcuts to many of these client applications and interfaces in the Start menu (Start > Programs > Ivanti, Inc. > IP Communications Management). Other options are accessible via the Management Portal.

Some Ivanti, Inc. client applications and interfaces are password-protected. Use the default user name admin with the default password for initial access.

Ivanti Voice Communicator - A softphone client application that ships with Ivanti Voice. Ivanti Voice Communicator lets end users perform basic telephony tasks such as making phone calls, initiating conference calls, placing calls on hold, transferring calls, etc. Users can also park calls by transferring the call to a parking orbit number from which other users can retrieve the call by dialing a special pickup code and a unique number to identify the parked call. Refer to Phone Configuration for details.

Agent Dashboard - A client application running on the computer of each agent and supervisor in the contact center. Each Agent Dashboard installation has a softphone: a built-in application with a graphical user interface for performing basic telephony tasks such as answering, dialing, transferring, and hanging up calls. A microphone and speaker or headset attached to the computer enables agents to audibly converse with callers, just as you would using a desktop phone. Refer to the Agent Dashboard User’s Guide.

Management Console - A client application that lets system administrators start and stop servers and application services, and monitor current server activity. Refer to Server Administration for details.

Application Builder - A browser-based development tool for creating multilingual voice applications that implement call processing scenarios specific to your business needs. Application Builder has a graphical user interface you use to connect blocks of code called building blocks. This is done within a flowchart that represents the sequence of call processing events in the call scenario. Different types of building blocks perform different functions, such as recording voice messages, playing prompts, collecting input, etc. Refer to Voice Application Design for details.

Application Selector - An interface for registering voice applications with Ivanti Voice, and configuring how and when Ivanti Voice uses voice applications. Application Selector lets you make multiple applications available to Ivanti Voice for call handling, and allows you to create multiple configurations for each application. Refer to Voice Application Selection for details.

Log Viewer - Enables you to view log messages containing data about server events. This data is useful for troubleshooting purposes. The Log Viewer display area itemizes issues in columns by log message properties such as date, error code, text description, application name, etc. Refer to Server Administration for details.

Statistics Console - A client application for supervisors that displays real-time statistical data about agents, agent groups, services, and the entire contact center. These statistics include the number of calls coming into the contact center, the average time each agent spends talking to a caller, the maximum duration for which a caller is on hold, the number of callers who hung up when calling about a specific service, etc. Some of these statistics are current values (such as the current number of busy lines) while others are values calculated over a specific monitored period (such as the number of calls answered in the last hour, or the minimum call duration since midnight). Refer to Statistics for details.