Call Detail Records

The voice server creates a call detail record (CDR) for every call it generates or receives. Each record contains the following information:

Sequential call number

Internal call reference number

Call direction (either incoming or outbound)

Origination number (ANI), if available

Termination number (DNIS), if available

Date and time call began

Date and time call was answered, if it was answered

Date and time call finished

Party that finished the call (either the voice application or the caller)

The voice server stores call detail records in files in the C:\Program Files\Ivanti, Inc.\IP Communications Management\cdr directory, and uses the following format for the filenames:

in which the following are true:

YYYY = Four digit year.

MM = Two digit month.

DD = Two digit day.

mm = Two digit minute.

SS = Two digit second.

HOSTNAME = The Ivanti Voice host computer.

NN = The sequential file number.


By default, the voice server stores a maximum of ten CDR files with a maximum file size of 10 MB each. If all ten log files are full and the voice server needs to write another CDR, it overwrites the oldest CDR file with a new one.

View CDR files using Microsoft SQL with Microsoft Jet/ODBC through an application such as Microsoft Access. This requires a schema.ini file in the CDR directory containing the following:





DateTimeFormat=yyyy-MM-dd HH:nn:ss


Col1=SEQ Long

Col2=CRN Text


Col4=ANI Text

Col5=DNIS Text

Col6=RINGTIME DateTime


Col8=HANGTIME DateTime


Col10=CHANNEL Long