Storing Interaction Records

The Ivanti Voice database only stores the interaction properties you specify on the Interaction Reporting Database configuration page (Management Portal > System Configuration > Contact Center Server > Interaction Reporting).

The Database page has a table listing all interaction properties Ivanti Voice currently stores in the database. The list initially consists of several default interaction properties that Ivanti Voice tracks.

To configure Ivanti Voice to store an interaction property that is not in the table, type the name of the interaction property in the field at the bottom of the table, then click the Add, Update, and Commit Changes buttons.

To configure Ivanti Voice not to store an interaction property that is in the table, click the red x icon next to the property. A confirmation dialog box opens. Click OK and Ivanti Voice removes the property from the table. Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact the change.

For information on the interaction-related tables in the Ivanti Voice database, refer to Ivanti Voice Database Details.