Gateway and Trunk Entries

The Trunks/Gateways page (Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks/Gateways) lets you configure each gateway and trunk in your network. Each entry on the page is assigned a unique ID which includes a configurable list of prefixes the SIP Soft Switch uses to select the trunk or gateway to use for an outbound call.

Trunk/Gateway Entries

Create an entry in the dial plan for each gateway and trunk in your Ivanti Voice environment. When adding trunk/gateway entries:

Do not use the same ID twice.

Configure each trunk/gateway entry you add; otherwise, the entry does not work in most cases.

To Add a Trunk/Gateway Entry:

1.On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks/Gateways. The Trunks/Gateways page opens.

2.Configure the following fields at the bottom of the list:

ID - The unique alphanumeric ID of the gateway or trunk. The SIP Soft Switch uses this ID if the trunk/gateway registers with the server, and ignores the ID if the trunk/gateway does not register.

Prefixes - The number(s) to dial within the Ivanti Voice network to access the trunk/gateway. Each trunk/gateway can have multiple prefixes, and you can assign the same prefix to multiple gateways and trunks. If a caller dials a prefix belonging to multiple trunk/gateways, the SIP Soft Switch compares the COR of each to determine which to use. The SIP Soft Switch first selects trunks/gateways with the longest matching prefix and the highest allowed incoming call restriction level. Then the SIP Soft Switch chooses trunks/gateways with the same incoming call restriction level and uses the trunk/gateway with the least cost to achieve least cost routing, and random distribution across multiple gateways with the same cost to achieve load balancing.

Memo - An optional description of the trunk/gateway.

3.Click the Add button after completing the fields. The page refreshes, displaying the entry in the table.

To Delete Trunk/Gateway Entries:

Click the red x icon on the Trunks/Gateways page to delete trunk/gateway entries from your dial plan. To configure the trunk/gateway, refer to Configure Trunk/Gateway Entries.