Phone Groups

The Phone Groups page lets you organize phones into groups identified by a single extension. A phone group can have any number of phones. Also, a single phone can be a member of multiple groups.

When you assign a phone to a phone group, the phone still keeps its own extension.

You can enable the following features for phone groups:

Call hunt - When a caller dials the phone group extension, the SIP Soft Switch connects the call to a randomly selected extension in the group. If all extensions in a phone group are busy, the SIP Soft Switch will queue the call and play music until the group member extension becomes available.

Call pickup - Lets you use any phone to answer inbound calls to other phones in the group. When an extension in the phone group rings, a user can answer the call by using another phone in the group to dial the Call Pickup Group number, which you configure on the Special Numbers page.

You can also configure call pickup for extensions outside of phone groups, letting Ivanti Voice users answer calls to other extensions in the company by dialing a special number (Call pickup directed number) followed by the extension of the ringing phone. Refer to Special Numbers.

To Create a Phone Group:

1.On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Phone Groups. The Phone Groups page opens.

2.In the empty field, enter the extension of the phone group.

3.Click Add. The extension is added to the list of Phone Groups. Click the entry on the Phone Groups page to configure phone group settings. The additional settings are listed below.

To Delete a Phone group:

Click the red x icon next to the phone group extension on the Phone Groups page.