License Server Configuration

The License Server requires two ports to validate the licensed features. The default settings on the License Server Configuration page are:

Port - The port that licensed features (services, users, agents) use to retrieve a license. This setting ensures this port is accessible if installed across firewalls, etc. The default is 5555.

Status Port - The port the CWI will use to query the currently used features. This setting ensures CWI users can access this port if installed across firewalls, etc. The default is 5556.

Keep-alive timeout - The number of seconds the license server waits for a response after polling the client’s TCP connection to respond to a keep-alive message. If the client does not respond to the keep-alive message, the license server determines the connection is no longer active and releases all licenses taken by that client. Ivanti, Inc. recommends using a timeout of 10 to 15 seconds. The timeout option will be disabled if you enter a zero, a negative number, or if you leave the field blank.

To Change the License Server Settings:

1.On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration > License Server > Configuration. The License Server Configuration page opens.

2.Enter your Port and Status Port settings.

3.Click Update and Commit Changes buttons to apply the changes.