Call Trace

The Call Trace page enables you to interact with the SIP Soft Switch in order to capture a visual trace of call-switching activity. The captured trace is displayed as a SIP messages sequence diagram.

Only a single trace can be started from a single browser session. After the trace is captured, the result is available until the browser session expires or the browser window is closed. Each new trace capture removes the previous capture; to preserve a capture, you can download trace results before starting a new trace.

The visual call trace is mainly used for troubleshooting purposes. If a call scenario fails, then a trace capture can be manually started for the length of the scenario and manually stopped after the scenario is complete.

The SIP Soft Switch allows 20 trace captures, limited to 300 seconds each, to run simultaneously (from different browser sessions of the Management Portal). A new trace capture cannot be started if the limit of 20 has been reached. The SIP Soft Switch automatically stops the trace capture if the user does not stop it manually within 300 seconds.

On a production system with a high call load (50+ calls per second), use of the call trace feature can have an adverse effect on system performance.

To Trace Call-switching Activity:

1.Click the Start button to begin a new trace. While running, the status is displayed, including total number of received and sent SIP messages, and the time remaining before the automatic trace capture shut-off.

2.Click the Stop button to end the trace.

3.Click the View button to open a new window and see the trace results. Trace results can be downloaded to your local computer by selecting the File > Save As menu option.