A service is a label you create to categorize interactions for statistical, routing, and monitoring purposes. For example, you might have a customer call for purchase inquiries or to offer feedback. If you create a service for each of these categories, you can track how many purchase inquiries you receive, or view a list of calls waiting in a queue to offer feedback.

Ivanti Voice determines whether or not to affix a service label to an interaction while the interaction is in the voice application. The voice application uses the Set Service block to associate the interaction with a service, according to criteria you establish. For example, you can design a voice application that sets the service if the interaction originates from a telephone number with a certain prefix, or if the caller inputs a certain code.

Create a Service

The Management Portal Services page lists all Ivanti Voice services, and lets you create, delete, and edit services.

To Create a Service:

1.On the Management Portal menu window, click Agents/Skills/Services > Services. The Services page opens.

2.Fill in the empty field at the bottom of the Service name column and click the Add button. Ivanti Voice adds the service to the table. Once you create a service, you cannot change the name of the service.

3.Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact your changes.

Delete a Service

Deleting a service makes the service unavailable for use in future queue monitor configurations and voice application designs; however, deleting a service does not remove the service from existing configurations and designs.

To Delete a Service:

1.Click the red x at the end of the row. Ivanti Voice removes the service from the list.

2.Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact your changes.

Queued Calls Limit Option

Use the Queued calls limit column on the Services page to set the maximum number of calls Ivanti Voice allows in the queue for a particular service at one time. For example, if you set the value in the Queued calls limit column for Customer Service to 85, the maximum number of calls that can be in the queue for Customer Service is 85. The Service Queue Limit Exceeded conditional exit in the Route to Agent block determines where Ivanti Voice routes a call intended for a queue that has reached its call limit.

To set the queued calls limit:

1.Enter the value -1 or leave the field blank if you do not want Ivanti Voice to limit the number of possible calls in the queue.

2.Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact your changes.