Statistics Console Customizations

The default Statistics Console meets the needs of most customers; however, some Ivanti, Inc. customers require customizations for unique business models or localization.

This topic describes the following customizations:

Change Statistic Names on the Statistics Console

Localize Statistic Names on the Statistics Console

Delete Statistics from the Statistics Console

Perform these customizations by modifying XML code in the HostConfiguration.xml file located at C:\Program Files\Ivanti, Inc.\IP Communications Management\Data. Locate the XML code for the statistic you want to modify by searching the Host Configuration file for the name of the statistic preceded by the <Neutral> element (including brackets). For example, <Neutral>Total after call work time.

Ivanti, Inc. recommends you perform such customizations only if you have a working knowledge and strong understanding of XML; incorrectly editing an XML file can damage Ivanti Voice functionality. It is also recommended that you back up a file before editing it.