Statistics and Metrics Engine (SME) Scheduled Updates

The default configuration of the Statistics Console resets all non-interval based statistics every 24 hours at midnight. For example, the “Number of Calls” statistic for an agent resets to 0 at midnight.

You can configure all non-interval based statistics to reset to 0 at times other than midnight by specifying new update times in the SME schedule.

To Specify New Update Times:

1.On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration > Contact Center Server > SME. The SME page opens.

2.On the Schedules tab, in the Event column, create a name for the update. The name has no restrictions.

3.In the Time column, enter the hour, minute, and second at which you want all non-interval based statistics to reset to 0.

4.Click the Add button. A row is added to the table.

5.Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact your changes.

6.Restart the SME server to enact changes made to the schedule.

To Delete Update Time:

Click the red x icon next to the time.

The statistical values in the Statistics Console change according to the configurations on the SME Schedule page; however, the Today tab at the bottom of the Statistics Console does not change. Ivanti, Inc. recommends notifying all Statistics Console users when you set new update times so the name of the Today tab does not create confusion.