Change the Start Criteria for UM Applications

When you install Ivanti Voice, each UM application automatically registers in the Applications Selector and the default start criteria (as specified in the previous application descriptions) is used for calls. Since the default extension of the voice server is 501, the voice server receives all calls placed to extensions 5011, 5012, and 5013. For each call it receives, the voice server uses the Applications Selector to check the start criteria of each application to find the right application for the call. The voice server directs calls intended for extension 5011 to the Attendant application, calls intended for extension 5012 go to the Answering application, and calls intended for extension 5013 go to the Access application.

You can change the start criteria for each application such that the SIP Soft Switch directs a call to the application if the DNIS of the call matches a value you specify. For this method to work, the number callers dial to access each application must start with the voice server extension, which has the default of 501.

To Change the Start Criteria for the UM Application:

1.In the Management Portal, click System Configuration > Applications). The Applications Selector page opens.

2.Click the name of the application you want to modify.

3.In the APPLICATION SELECTION CRITERIA section, click the Starts with link in the Call property:DNIS column.

4.In the Set condition dialog box, change the number in the Starts with field to reflect the number callers will dial to start this application.

5.Click Set.

6.Click the Update button for the APPLICATION SELECTION CRITERIA section.

7.Click the Commit button to apply the change.

8.Repeat these steps for each application for which you want to change the start criteria.

Refer to Configure an Application for more information about configuring start criteria for applications.