Access Application

The Access application lets Ivanti Voice users access their voice mailboxes by phone to retrieve and manage their voice mail and email. The Access application also lets Ivanti Voice users customize their voice mailboxes by phone.

The SIP Soft Switch connects a call to the Access application if one of the following occurs:

The call meets the start criteria specified in Applications Selector for the Access application (the call starts with 5013).

The caller presses the star key (*) while connected with the Answering application.

When an Ivanti Voice user connects to the Access application, the Access application attempts to use the ANI call property to identify the Ivanti Voice user. If the Access application does not recognize the ANI, it prompts the user to enter a mailbox number or extension.

After identifying the user, the Access application prompts the user to enter a PIN:

If the PIN is not entered or is invalid, the Access application terminates the call.

If the PIN is valid, the Access application accesses the user’s mailbox, announcing the number of new messages and total number of messages in mailbox.

The Access application plays voice mail and reads email according to the configured message processing order (configured on the Users > Unified Messaging > Other tab; refer to Unified Messaging Tab Configuration for details). For current messages, the Access application announces menu options.

When working with the Access application:

If the user opts to forward or send the message, the application lets the user specify the destination by extension or by name. If the user presses the star key (*), the Access application invokes the search by name feature.

If the user opts to reply to, forward, or send a message, the application offers to record a voice message.

When specifying a call destination:

If the user chooses to specify the destination by extension, the Access application searches the user’s list.

If the user chooses to specify a destination by name, the Access application searches the user’s list, the Ivanti Voice global address book, and the user’s personal address book.

While connected to the Access application, Ivanti Voice users can press 0 to reach the Access application Settings menu, which lets users configure mail preferences (such as the order in which the Access application plays messages) and record a personal greeting. The Answering application plays the personal greeting if the SIP Soft Switch fails to connect a caller trying to reach the user, or if the user does not answer during a predefined time interval. If the user does not record a personal greeting, the Answering application plays a generic prompt inviting the caller to leave a message.

If the UM email protocol is IMAP, Ivanti Voice users can navigate folders in the voice mailbox by pressing 2 on the phone keypad.