Uninstall your current Ivanti Voice before upgrading to a new version.

To Back Up Data and Applications:

Back up the following directories before uninstalling Ivanti Voice:

C:\Program Files\Ivanti, Inc.\IP Communications Management\Data - Backs up the following files and directories:

Host Configuration file (HostConfiguration.xml)

SIP Server Configuration file (SipServerConfiguration.xml)

Application Selector Configuration file (AppSelector.xml)

Global Address Book file (AddressBook.xml)

Automatic Speech Recognition configuration (ASR directory)

User configurations (Users directory)

C:\Program Files\Ivanti, Inc.\IP Communications Management\Applications - Backs up the voice applications you created with Application Builder.

To Uninstall Ivanti Voice:

1.Select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. The Add or Remove Programs dialog box opens.

2.Select Ivanti, Inc. IP Communications Management Server and click the Remove button.

3.Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Ivanti, Inc. directory and delete the IP Communications Management folder.

4.Reboot your computer.