Address Book, Forwarding, and Dialable PIN Tabs

After clicking the link in the Login column on the Users page, click the tabs indicated below to configure the user profile settings. After configuring these tabs as needed, proceed to Unified Messaging Tab Configuration.

Address Book Tab

On this page, the user can populate the individual address book with contacts, which will be accessible when making calls from within the Agent Dashboard softphone.

Enter the contact name, company, email address, and phone, then click Create new. Click Update when all entries have been made.

Entries can be deleted by clicking the red x icon.

Forwarding Tab

This page contains the same set of fields as the corresponded tab for an extension in the dial plan; refer to Forwarding Tab for configuration details.

Dialable PIN Tab

The dialable PIN is used in conjunction with a user code to allow a user to log into a phone in the Ivanti Voice environment and override the original COR/forwarding configuration of the phone. Although assigning a user to a dialable user code and setting the PIN is done in the User Codes configuration for the SIP Soft Switch, on this tab the user can also set or change the PIN, which authorizes use of the dialable code.