Security Tab

Use the settings on the Security tab to manage client certificates for authentication in the configuration web interface (CWI). This is only required if you have configured your system to use certificate-based authentication.

There are three options:

You can download individual CA (certificate authority) and server certificates.

You can download a PKCS #12 certificate (.p12), and then re-generate certificates based on the current server certificate you are using (refer to Web Interface Configuration for details on generating host certificates).

If you are unsure if the host certificate has been updated, click the Renew button before downloading any certificates to your browser. In order to work properly, the client certificates must match the server certificate. When you click Renew, you will be prompted for a password.

To Install a Certificate on your Browser to Enable Certificate Authentication:

1.After clicking the link in the Login column on the Users page, click the Security tab.

2.Download the certificate(s) by clicking the Download button.

3.Use the browser to import the certificate. Refer to the instructions specific to each browser for information on installing the client certificate.

4.When you open your browser to the URL of the configuration web interface using a secure listener (example: https://localhost:7771/portal/index), the Choose a digital certificate dialog box opens. Select your certificate and click OK.