Application Builder Example

The following example shows demonstrates how to use Application Builder to build a simple voice application that plays a synthesized voice message for callers.

To Use Application Builder to Build a Simple Voice Application:

1.Open Application Builder (in the Management Portal, click Application Builder).

2.Click New. A new application opens.

3.On the Telephony and Routing tab, click the Play Prompt block. The block is added to the flowchart on the left and the edit pane on the right displays the block parameters.

4.In the edit pane, click the Prompt link in the Name column. The Prompt Browser dialog box opens.

5.Click the Add/Remove/Edit Prompts button.

6.On the Prompts tab, type HelloWorld in the Prompt name field (at the bottom).

7.Click Add. The prompt HelloWorld is now listed as a link.

8.Click the HelloWorld link. The Prompt Editor dialog box opens.

9.Click Add Voice Segment.

10.Make sure the Voice option is selected in the drop-down list. In the Content field, type Hello, World!

11.Click Update and Back. The content is now listed below the HelloWorld link.

12.Click Back and then click the green + icon to select the new prompt. Notice the prompt is now associated with the File named [HelloWorld] and a Description of Hello, World!.

13.Click Update. Notice in the flowchart the Play block symbol now contains the file name of the prompt: Play “HelloWorld”.

14.Click Save As. The Save application as dialog box opens.

15.In the New application name field, type Hello.

16.Click Save as.

17.Click Close Application. The Hello application you created appears in the applications list.