Select a Prompt

Blocks may use multiple prompts. For example, the Route to Agent block uses one prompt to play hold music, a second prompt to play a reminder message that repeats at specific intervals, and a third prompt that announces the estimated time it will take for an agent to answer the call.

If a block uses prompts, the edit pane for that block displays a Prompts table that lists all prompts for the block. The Prompts table contains the following columns:

Name - The name reflects the purpose of the prompt. For example, the Route to Agent block uses the Music Prompt for hold music, the Reminder Prompt for the reminder message, and the Estimated Wait Time Prompt for the estimated time it will take an agent to answer the call. The prompt name cannot be changed.

File - The actual prompt the block uses. This is the name typed in the Prompt name field when it was added to the application and can be changed when editing the prompt. If a prompt has not yet been selected, empty brackets are displayed in the File field.

Description - A read-only display of the prompt content (this is the message the prompt will play).

From the Prompts table, you can open the Prompt Browser dialog box to select the prompt Ivanti Voice plays for each purpose.

To Select a Prompt for Use in an Application:

1.In the edit pane of the block containing the prompt, click the link in the Name column of the Prompts table. For example, if you want to configure the hold music for the Route to Agent block, click the Music Prompt link. The Prompt Browser dialog box opens.

2.In the Prompt Browser dialog box, click the green + icon next to the prompt you want to use.

If no prompts are listed, then no prompts have been added to this application. Click the Add/Remove/Edit Prompts button to add prompts (you can also use this button to edit or delete existing prompts or you can click the Edit link to the right of an existing prompt). Refer to Add Prompts for information about adding, deleting, or editing prompts.

3.The Prompt Browser dialog box closes, and the name and description of the prompt you selected appears in the File and Description columns of the Prompts table. Notice you can click the link in the File column to edit the prompt if needed.

Most blocks do not have default prompts. The caller hears silence if the block is supposed to play a prompt but the prompt is not configured. Optional voice prompts are specifically marked as optional.