FRS Foundation Journal Voice Block

Automates the generation and updating of Journal.VoiceActivity business object records in ITSM.

The Journal.VoiceActivity business object records call statistics such as agent, hold time, talk time, agent notes, system notes, call result, ANI, queue time, etc., as the call progresses through the voice application. These statistics are used in Journal.VoiceActivity business object reports, as a part of call center related cost for incident resolution reporting.

The purpose of the FRS Foundation Journal Voice block is to create and update the single instance of the Journal.VoiceActivity business object through the life cycle of a voice application instance. The initial instance creates the business object record; subsequent instances of the block capture call information. With each use of the block within the voice application, the content of the corresponded Journal.VoiceActivity instance will be updated with the newly-available call data.

Recommended use is to place the first block at the beginning of the application to create the Journal.VoiceActivity business object instance, providing a name for the interaction property to store the record ID of the created instance. The remaining blocks can be placed on exception conditions where the call may exit the application, before every Route To Agent and Connect Call block, and near the end of the application flowchart, before the application would normally terminate.

Open the ITSMSupportDemo application to see how the block is used and configured within the voice application flow.

Conditional Exit

The FRS Foundation Journal Voice block has conditional exits to determine the action of the voice application when the following events occur:

Object creation or update failed - Creation or update of the business object record failed.

Timeout occurred – Timeout occurred during the execution of Journal Voice block. This can be used to perform other actions after a timeout. For instance, adding a log message to inform the user that a timeout has occurred.


The FRS Foundation Journal Voice block has the following settings:

Label - Change the name of the block if needed to uniquely identify the use of this block in the application flowchart.

Connection (Required) - The name of the Foundation connection. The Default option uses the configured connection (refer to Database Connection Configuration in the Ivanti Voice/Foundation Configuration topic).

Interaction Property Name for RecId - The name of the interaction property in which to save the record ID of the new business object. Best practice for this block is to specify the same Interaction Property Name for all instances of this block throughout the voice application. If you leave this field empty, a new instance of the Journal.VoiceActivity business object will be created.


Update SystemNotes - If you select this check box, the information you type in the Content of SystemNotes field will populate the Journal.VoiceActivity System Notes field, overwriting any previous content.

Content of SystemNotes - Type the information you want to populate the Journal.VoiceActivity System Notes field.

CallResult - Populates the Call Result field in the Journal.VoiceActivity business object. You can either type in a call result or use the delivered call results by clicking the browse button next to the field to access the Field Value dialog box, which provides the following options:

Disconnect in IVR

Short Abandon


No Answer


In progress

When Configuration for this Block is Complete:

Click the Update button to apply the settings.