GoldMine Search Block

Queries the GoldMine database for contact records by using as a key any field from the CONTACT1, CONTACT2, CONTSUPP tables as well as the phone or account number of the contact.

This block is for use only with Ivanti Voice/GoldMine configurations. For details, refer toIvanti Voice/GoldMine Configuration .

Conditional Exits

The GoldMine Search block has two conditional exits to determine the action of the voice application when the following events occur:

Not Found - The block could not find the target object.

Multiple Found - The block found multiple objects matching the specified search criteria.


The GoldMine Search block has the following settings:

Label - Change the name of the block if needed to uniquely identify the use of this block in the application flowchart.

GoldMine Connection (Required) - The name of the GoldMine database connection. The drop-down list contains the names of available GoldMine database connections.

Object - The type of data you want to use as a key to search the GoldMine database. Click the browse button next to the field to access the Search Key dialog box and select either Phone, Account, or a table field. If you select the Phone option, you can also specify:

Search Phone with Extension - The value of the extension which will be added to the search criteria as an AND condition. Leave this parameter empty if you do not want to search by extension.

Search also in Supp. Contacts - If this check box is selected, the CONTSUPP table will be searched in addition to CONTACT1.

Object Value - The name of the property containing the value to use as the key for the database search. The key you enter must be of the type you specify in the Key field.

Fields to Return Table

Use the Fields to Return table to configure the GoldMine Search block to retrieve object fields other than the record ID of the business object upon a successful search.

Field Name - The name of the field to retrieve. Click the browse button next to the field to open the Field Name dialog box and select a field. The fields the Field Name dialog box lists are based on the business object you selected in the Object field.

Property Name - The name of the interaction property in which to store the value the voice application retrieves.

To Add Fields and Values to the Table:

Click the green + icon.

When Configuration for this Block is Complete:

Click the Update button to apply the settings.