Log Block

Adds the message to the Ivanti Voice log with the selected log level.


The Log block has the following settings:

Label - Change the name of the block if needed to uniquely identify the use of this block in the application flowchart.

Text message - The text content of the message. You can substitute interaction property values by enclosing property names in percent (%) signs. For example: This is a test log message for call from %ANI% to %DNIS%.

Log Level - Specifies the desired level for the message. Refer to Log Messages.

HRESULT (Optional) - Specify numeric value for the HRESULT field of the log message. May be useful when logging results of the custom JavaScript calls.

The log message will not be placed if the Log Level for Applications is set to the value less than Log Level field.

When Configuration for this Block is Complete:

Click the Update button to apply the settings.