Menu Block

Plays a menu prompt with options to choose from and then allows caller to select an option by pressing a DTMF key.

1.The menu prompt announces options with corresponding keys from a phone keypad (0-9, *, #). Each option also corresponds to a conditional exit.

2.The caller presses the key corresponding to the menu option he or she desires.

3.The voice application receives the input from the caller and processes the corresponding conditional exit.

An undefined key is considered to be invalid. The Menu block informs the caller if the input is invalid, or if the time allotted for the caller to enter input expires. If a caller enters an invalid option or does not enter an option in the allotted time, the voice application executes the ensuing building block.

To enable a key to be a valid selection, select the check box corresponding to the key in the Valid Choices table in the edit pane. When you enable a key, a text field appears in which you can enter a description of the key. The description you enter appears in the flowchart as the label of the conditional exit corresponding to the key. By default, the label is the key name.

Conditional Exits

You can configure a conditional exit for every telephone key (0-9, *, #). By default, the block has conditional exits for keys 1 and 2. Additionally the Caller Disconnected exit condition is invoked when the caller disconnects.


The Menu block has the following prompts:

Long Prompt (Required) - The prompt the voice application plays to list the options available to the caller. For example, the prompt can say: For customer service, press one, for technical support, press two, to speak with an operator, press the pound sign.

Short Prompt (Required) - The prompt the voice application plays when the time allotted for the caller to respond expires. The voice application also plays this prompt after the Invalid Prompt as a reminder of the menu choices.

TimeOut Prompt (Required) - The prompt the voice application plays when the time allotted for the caller to respond expires and the caller reaches the maximum number of attempts allowed (specified in the Repetitions field).

Invalid Prompt (Required) - The prompt the voice application plays when the caller presses an invalid key.


The Menu block has the following settings:

Label - Change the name of the block if needed to uniquely identify the use of this block in the application flowchart.

Input Timeout (Optional) - The number of seconds the voice application waits for a caller’s input after playing the Long or Short prompt before playing the Short prompt.

Repetitions (Optional) - The number of times the voice application allows a caller to time-out or press an invalid key. After all repetitions are done, the voice application plays the Invalid prompt and moves to the next block in the flowchart.

Interruptible (Optional) - Select Yes to allow callers to interrupt the prompts with input; select No if input is not allowed until the prompt is complete.

When Configuration for this Block is Complete:

Click the Update button to apply the settings.