Play Prompt Block

Plays a voice or music prompt. This building block is useful for reporting an error or the outcome of an operation. For scenarios in which input from the caller is required, use the Menu or Get DTMF String blocks.


Interrupt Prompt by DTMF - Select this check box to allow callers to interrupt the prompt with input. If you select this option and the caller inputs one or more digits, Ivanti Voice queues the digits and uses them in the building blocks immediately following the Play Prompt block. Selecting this check box also activates the Keep DTMF event in the queue option, enabling you to select or deselect that option.

Keep DTMF event in the queue - Select this check box if the DTMF digits should be left in the queue. If there is another Play Prompt block after this one, the next prompt will be interrupted immediately. The default for this option is selected.


The Play Prompt block has one Prompt link that opens the Prompt Browser, letting you create or select the prompt the block plays. Refer to Prompts for procedures for adding and selecting prompts.

When Configuration for this Block is Complete:

Click the Update button to apply the settings.