Set Prompt Language Block

Determines the language in which the blocks following this block play prompts. This block is useful in the conditional exits of the Menu block, which offers a choice of languages to a caller.

Each application you develop with the Application Builder has built-in multilingual prompt management. You can add or remove languages using the Prompt Manager. Each prompt has versions for all languages defined in the system. By default, English is always defined.

The Set Prompt Language block has a drop-down list containing all languages defined for this particular voice application. You can enable additional languages for the application in the Prompt Manager dialog box (refer to Prompts).

To Configure the Set Prompt Language Block:

1.Select the language in the drop-down list in which you want the voice application to play prompts.

2.Click the Update button. The label of the Set Prompt Language block in the flowchart changes to: Set Language to <language>.

After the Set Prompt Language block sets the language, each ensuing block plays prompts in that language until another Set Prompt Language block changes the language.