Applications Selector

The Applications Selector lets you make multiple applications available to Ivanti Voice for call handling, and also create multiple configurations for each application. Each configuration consists of:

Start criteria - The conditions under which Ivanti Voice uses each application configuration. For example, you can configure Ivanti Voice to use one application configuration for calls with a DNIS of 415-555-1234 and another for calls with a DNIS of 510-555-1234.

Initial interaction properties - The initial values for the application properties. For example, you can configure Ivanti Voice to initially set the NoAnswerTimeout parameter to 20 when Ivanti Voice uses the application before noon, and to 30 when Ivanti Voice uses the application after noon.

Ivanti Voice automatically selects a voice application to answer each call according to criteria you specify. For example, you can specify criteria that directs Applications Selector to:

Run one voice application on weekends and another on weekdays.

Run a specific voice application when Ivanti Voice receives a call from a number with a certain prefix.

Run one voice application during the day and another in the evening (for instance, if your business closes in the evenings).

Dial the voice server. The system is pre-configured to dial 501 to reach the voice server, so you can use phone numbers starting with 501 for your voice applications. If you have outside phone numbers which need to reach a given voice application, consider adding 501 to the beginning of your inbound numbers using prefix manipulation. For instance, if you have an incoming phone number of (800) 555 -1200 for your support department, adding 501 in the incoming trunk prefix manipulation would then modify the incoming phone number to 501 800 555 1200. Then configure the voice application to start whenever a DNIS of 501 800 555 1200 is received.

The following simple scenario describes how the Applications Selector and a voice application work together in Ivanti Voice:

1.A call enters Ivanti Voice from a public network.

2.Applications Selector uses configured criteria to select the appropriate voice application to answer the call.

3.The selected voice application answers the call and initiates an automated call processing scenario.

4.The voice application attempts to deliver the call to a destination.

Create the Voice Application Configuration

On the Applications Selector page (in the Management Portal, click System Configuration > Applications), you can create a configuration (or multiple configurations) for any application in the drop-down list at the top of the page, which contains all delivered applications and those created in Application Builder.

The list at the bottom of the Applications Selector page displays all applications currently configured.

Depending on which Ivanti Voice components you choose to install, Ivanti Voice includes configurations for several default applications, including the HEAT, GoldMine, and ITSM demo applications.

The Start Criteria column indicates how Ivanti Voice will use the application:

Selected Always - The application configuration is always enabled. Ivanti Voice will use this application if the start criteria for higher-priority applications is not met.

Disabled - The application configuration exists but Ivanti Voice does not use it.

View - The application configuration is available only when certain conditions are met. Click the View link to see the criteria Ivanti Voice uses to determine when to use the application.

To Create a Voice Application Configuration

  1. In the Management Portal, click System Configuration > Applications.
  2. On the Applications Selector page, click the drop-down list at the top of the page (below the Entry Name field) to check that your application is listed. If your application is not listed, click the Reload button to refresh the list of available applications.

If you modify an application (in Application Builder, for example) after loading it in Applications Selector, reload it by selecting the application from the drop-down list and clicking the Reload button; otherwise, your changes may not take effect.

  1. In the Entry Name field, type a name for the application configuration.
  2. In the drop-down list, select the application.
  3. Click the Add Application button. The application configuration properties page opens.

Ivanti Voice generates a unique ID for the application configuration (displayed in the CLSID field).

Refer to Configure an Application to continue the process and configure the application.