Alternate Outbound Bridge Application Configuration

If you did not configure the voice server trunk Prefix Manipulation tab to strip the 9 and insert 8, you can set Initial Interaction Property Values in the Applications Selector configuration to achieve the same results. In this case the Outbound Bridge voice application criteria should be Starts with 9 rather than 8.

The interaction properties you can use as an alternative to configuring the Prefix Manipulation tab:

Strip - The number of digits to strip from the beginning of the DNIS (for example, type 1 to strip initial 9).

Prepend - The digits to add at the beginning of DNIS. If stripping a digit, prepend will occur after stripping.

Append - The digits to add at the end of DNIS.

To Configure the Outbound Bridge Application with an Alternate Configuration:

1.In the Management Portal, click System Configuration > Applications.

2.On the Applications Selector page, in the Entry Name field, type a name for the application configuration.

3.In the drop-down list, select the VPCore.OutboundBridgeApp application.

4.Click the Add Application button. The application configuration properties page opens.

Ivanti Voice generates a unique ID for the application configuration (displayed in the CLSID field).

5.For this example, add application selection criteria enabling calls that start with an 8 to execute this voice application:

  1. In the APPLICATION SELECTION CRITERIA section, select the Criteria Builder radio button.
  2. In the Call property:DNIS column, click the link.
  3. In the Type field, select Starts with.
  4. In the Starts with field, type 9.
  5. Click Set.
  6. Click the Update button for the APPLICATION SELECTION CRITERIA section.

6.Using the interaction properties defined in the voice application, specify for calls beginning with 9, the 9 will be stripped from the number and replaced with an 8. In the Initial Interaction Property Values section:

  1. Type Strip in the Property Name field, then type 1 in the Property Value field, and click Add.
  2. Type Prepend in the Property Name field, then type 8 in the Property Value field, and click Add.
  3. Click the Update button for the Initial Interaction Property Values section.

7.Click the Commit Changes button. The new application configuration is added to the Applications Selector page. Agent calls placed by dialing 9, followed by the PSTN number, will be routed through the Outbound Bridge application.