Hold Media Server IP Addresses

This feature is only for Ivanti Voice environments using a third party SIP server (such as VCX version 6 or 7) with Ivanti Voice instead of the built-in Ivanti Voice SIP Soft Switch.

Some third-party SIP servers use SIP messaging in a way that causes Ivanti Voice to incorrectly calculate statistics when a caller is on hold. To avoid this problem, Ivanti Voice has the Hold Media Server IP’s table, which lets you list the IP address of each media server associated with the third-party SIP server. When the third-party SIP server places the call on hold, it redirects the Ivanti Voice voice path to one of the multiple media servers to provide hold music to the caller. Ivanti Voice compares the IP of the voice path destination with the Hold Media Server IP’s table to see if the call is routed to a media server. Ivanti Voice can use the matching IP address to determine when a call is on hold, and calculate statistics accordingly.

To List the IP Address of Media Servers Associated with the Third-Party SIP Server:

1.On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration > Voice Server > Advanced Configuration, then click the Hold Media Server IP’s tab. Ivanti Voice displays a table listing all IP addresses.

2.To add an IP address to the list, enter the IP address in the empty field and click the Add button.

3.To remove an IP address from the list, click the red x icon next to it.