A style is a set of one or more of the following formatting attributes:

Text alignment (left, right, or center)

Background Color

Font Family (such as Arial, Courier, etc.)

Font Style (either Normal or Italic)

Font Size

Font Weight (Normal or Bold)

Font Color


You can configure multiple styles and apply them to view parts that appear in the Web Statistics user interface. Styles can be applied to more than one view part, enabling different view parts to share styles.

The Styles page lets you create and manage a library of styles.

Adding/Removing Styles

To Add a New Style:

1.Click the Styles tab on the Web Statistics > Settings page. The table lists the current styles.

2.In the empty text field at the bottom of the table, type a name for the new style.

3.Click Add. Ivanti Voice adds the style to the table.

4.Click the Commit Changes button to enact the change.

To Remove a Style:

1.Click the red x icon next to the style name on the Styles page.

2.Click OK to confirm the deletion.

3.Click the Commit Changes buttons to enact the change.

You cannot remove a style currently in use in Web Statistics.