Web Statistics Administration

Web Statistics is installed with Ivanti Voice, with a Web Statistics link in the System Configuration options in the Ivanti Voice Management Portal. This link provides access to configuration settings for Web Statistics.

Administrators use the parameters in Web Statistics to configure views in the Web Statistics user interface. Each view displays a different array of statistical data, and can differ in the format, presentation, and layout of the data. Administrators can configure individual statistics on a view to automatically change appearance (such as background color and font size) when the value of the statistic changes or reaches a certain threshold. For example, you can configure the numeric value of the Calls Queued statistic to change from plain black text to red italics if more than fifty calls are queued.

Configuration changes apply as soon as the Commit Changes button is clicked, affecting all instances of the Web Statistics user interface currently running.

Administrators restrict access to each view by specifying the role(s) a user must possess to access the view. For example, one view might be accessible only to users assigned the Quality Management role, while another view is accessible to users with either the Quality Management or Contact Center Supervisor roles. This access control lets users of varying levels (such as executives, supervisors, and agents) use the Web Statistics interface to access only the statistics pertinent to their job function.