Additional Documentation

In addition to this guide, the following resources are available to provide you with information about Ivanti Voice:

Online Help - Accessed by clicking a help icon in the Management Portal, online help provides page-specific topics and step-by-step instructions to walk you through basic tasks, in addition to a comprehensive table of contents and search function.

Ivanti Voice Agent Dashboard User’s Guide - Provides Ivanti Voice agents and supervisors with the information necessary to use the Agent Dashboard client application.

Ivanti Voice Web Statistics Guide - Provides administrators with the information necessary to configure the Web Statistics product, which works in conjunction with IPCM to allow users to view Ivanti Voice real-time statistical data in a browser.

Ivanti Voice Outbound Dialer Guide - Provides administrators with the information necessary to create and manage outbound campaigns (such as telesales) using the Outbound Dialer product in conjunction with Ivanti Voice.

Guides are available in PDF format from the Installation kit or from for maintenance customers.

Training Courses - Information regarding training courses for Ivanti family of products can be found at:

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