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Validation lists

Some fields in Asset Manager Essentials you can complete only by selecting from a fixed list of values. These fields are called validation lists. If you have the Asset Administrator role, you can edit and add new values to the list.

When you access an asset record in the Hardware Assets workspace, you'll see some drop-downs that include the icon—these are validation lists. Examples include the fields for Asset Subtype, Status, Environment, Use Policy, Service Level, Sensitivity.

Some validation lists include protected values that have a special meaning and usage within Asset Manager Essentials. You cannot delete these values.

To change the items in a validation list, click in that list to display the validation list dialog. Click Add, Edit, or Delete at the bottom of the dialog as required.

Asset subtypes

The Asset Subtype field (on the Hardware Assets workspace > asset record page > Details tab) is an example of a validation list that provides a convenient way of creating different subtypes of asset. For example, you can use this field to identify if a computer is a Desktop or a Laptop. Similarly, you can specify that a printer is a Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser, or MFD.

Only users with the Asset Administrator role can create new asset subtypes.

You can create a new asset subtype for a single asset record by clicking next to the Asset Subtype field, then clicking Add to define the new subtype. Or, you can create a new globally-available subtype for an asset type by using the Asset Sub Type workspace.

To create a new globally-available asset subtype:

1.Open the Asset Sub Type workspace.
You will see a list of existing asset subtypes in your system.

2.Click New Asset Sub Type.

3.In the Parent Asset Type list, select the parent asset type from the drop-down, then type the Sub Type and click Save.
The new subtype is created and becomes available for selection.

You can also Delete or double-click to edit asset subtypes from the Asset Sub Type list view.

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