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Custom attributes for assets

Asset Manager Essentials provides a large number of fields that store all of the information about an asset that most organizations need. However, if required, you can configure your system to have an additional Custom Attributes tab display on the Hardware Assets workspace to record further information about asset records.

Once enabled, the Custom Attributes tab displays globally for all asset records in the Hardware Assets workspace.

Configuring custom attributes for asset records is a two-step process: You must first enable the Custom Attributes tab, then you must edit the resulting generic form (that displays under the tab) to meet your specific needs.

To enable the Custom Attributes tab:

1.Log in as a user with the Asset Administrator role.

2.Click in the menu bar at the top of any workspace.
The Configuration Console appears in a new tab.

3.In the left navigation panel, click Build > Global Constants.
The Global Constants list appears.

4.Scroll down to Show Asset Custom Attributes and set the value to True, then click Save.
After refreshing the Hardware Assets workspace, you'll see a Custom Attributes tab display for each asset record, containing a number of generic fields.

To edit the Custom Attributes form:

1.Click in the menu bar at the top of any workspace.
The Configuration Console appears in a new tab.

2.In the left navigation panel, click Build > Business Objects.

3.In the Find box on the top-right, type Asset Custom Attributes and select it from the drop-down list.

4.On the top of the resulting page, click Forms, then click AM.AssetCustomAttributes.Default to open the form for editing.

5.Edit the form by labeling each control you want to keep, deleting controls, inserting new rows or columns, merging cells, and so on:

For each generic control you want to edit, first select that control in the form, then scroll down the Control Properties/Cell Properties list to make the changes. Repeat for each control that will display on the Custom Attributes tab.

You can refresh the Hardware Assets workspace > Custom Attributes tab to see each saved edit as you make the changes. When you're done editing, click Save.

For details about editing forms in general, see the Ivanti Service Manager Admin Online Help at

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