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Locations and storage spaces

If you have the role of Asset Administrator or Asset Manager, you can use the Locations workspace to organize and manage your organization's asset locations and storage spaces. We recommend that you do this before using the Stock Management workspace to manage in-stock assets.

Stock Managers also can add locations and storage spaces directly from the Stock Management workspace, but they don't have the ability to manage those locales from the Locations workspace.

The Locations workspace enables you to create locations that correspond to the different sites that your organization has, as well as the storage spaces where your assets are in stock. You can set up parent and child locations to create a hierarchy that groups locations geographically.

For details about managing stock once your locations and storage spaces are created, see Stock management.

To create a new location with a storage space:

1.Open the Locations workspace and click New.

2.Enter a Name for the location. Asset Manager Essentials will fill in the Full Name field for you at the end of the creation process.

If you're building a master Locations list from new, use this field to create your parent locations first (such as countries, states, or regions), then add child locations (such as cities) with the Child Location tab. Note that the Locations list you create will scroll based on alphabetically-ordered child locations appearing in the Locations list > Name column.

3. In the Parent Location field, click and select the required parent location from the list.

4.Complete the other fields as needed.

If you have the Asset Administrator role, you can manage the values available in the Country drop-down using the Address Country workspace.

5.Complete the other tabs for this location as needed:

Child Location – Create a new child location for this location, or link to an existing one to create a hierarchy. A child location is not to be confused with a storage space.

Subnets – Associate a subnet with this location to identify when an asset have been discovered in a subnet that is not in the asset's assigned location. Any subnets listed here are also found in the Subnet Mapping workspace. For details, see Finding missing assets with subnet mapping.

Discovered Assets – Assets that data discovery has discovered at this location.

Storage Spaces – Create a new storage space for this location. Any storage spaces listed here are also found in the Stock Management workspace.

Storage Space Assets – Assets that are currently checked in to a storage space at this location—you can check in assets via the Hardware Assets workspace.

Asset Request Fulfillment Centers – Link to a specific location and storage space that have been designated as an asset fulfillment center for this location. Any fulfillment centers listed here are also found in the Stock Management workspace.

Fulfillment Assets – Assets that are currently available from the asset request fulfillment centers.

Audit History – Automatically tracks changes made to key attributes of this record.

6.Click Save.

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