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Contract management

Use the Contracts workspace to create and manage all aspects of the contracts associated with your asset purchase orders. This workspace is most often used by users with the Contract Manager role (Asset Administrator and Asset Manager roles can use it as well).

Note that for Contract Managers, the Contracts workspace is called Contract Management.

To create a contract:

1.Open the Contracts workspace and click New.

2.Enter a Contract Name and set the Expiry Date.
The contract automatically expires when it reaches this date.

3.Complete other fields, such as the Vendor, Governing Law, Date Signed, Expiry Date, Termination Notice Days (the number of days notice you give before terminating the contract), and other such information if required and known, then click Save.
The contract is saved with an initial Status of Draft.

4.Complete the associated tabs as required:

Details – A textual description of this contract.

Line Items – Create a new line item for this contract. Line items you add here are also added to the Contract Line Items workspace. Select an item and click Go To to open that record in the Contract Line Items workspace. For details, see Adding contract line items.

Line Item Scorecards – For each line item in the contract, you can add a vendor scorecard to enable you to capture the performance of that item. For details, see Vendor management.

Purchase Orders – The purchase orders associated with this contract. Select an order and click Go To to open that record in the Purchase Orders workspace. For details, see Procurement.

Termination Details – Information about the termination of this contract.
The Termination Notice Days and Date Signed fields are the same as those at the top of the page. You can select a Termination Type, Termination Date, and enter a Termination Reason.

Language – The terms and conditions associated with this contract.
Click New to add a new entry. You can select the Contract Language Type, the Addendum number, the associated Contract and Contract Line Item, and enter the required Details.

Participants – Details of all participants involved with the negotiation of the contract.
Click New to add details about a new person involved with the contract. Add the Participant Role, the Participant Type (either Internal or External), and their Responsibility.
If you select Internal for the Participant Type, a new field called Employee appears, so that you can select the appropriate employee; if you select External, the new field is called Contact and enables you to select the appropriate external contact. In both cases, the selected person appears in the Participant column.

Typically, a participant will be an employee or external contact that currently exists in your system. This information is regularly imported from your primary data source. If you need to add a new employee or external contact here, those individuals will also be added to the Employee and External Contact workspaces respectively. For details about adding names to either workspace, see the Ivanti Service Manager Admin Online Help available from

Attachments – Attach a document to the contract record, or add a URL link to a relevant website. URLs must include the https:// prefix.

Journal – Add emails or notes to this contract record.

Audit History – Automatically tracks any changes made to key attributes of this vendor record.

5.When the contract is ready for approval, click Submit for Approval.
The status of the contract changes to Submitted. Members of the Contract Approvers group are emailed to approve the contract. When over 50% of the approvers have approved the contract, its status changes to Active and you can order items against it.

You can use the toolbar buttons to Cancel or Terminate the contract, or change the Status manually. If you cancel or terminate a contract, you can capture the Reason. If you terminate a contract, you can also select the Type of termination from Company Breach, End Term, Mutual Agreement, or Vendor Breach.

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