Asset Manager Essentials


Software asset management

The Software Assets workspace helps you to understand which licensed software assets exist in your environment and what the current level of entitlement is. Use this information to make informed decisions about purchasing additional licenses or reclaiming under-used licenses.

Users with the roles of Contract Manager or Procurement Manager (as well as the Asset Administrator and Asset Manager roles) have access to this workspace.

Asset Manager Essentials supports integration with Ivanti License Optimizer.

Creating software assets

Generally, you'll import your software asset records from another data source, or discover them using an Ivanti Cloud data connector. However, there will be times when you want to add a new record manually. You can do this from the Software Asset workspace.

To add a new record for a software asset:

1.Open the Software Assets workspace and click New.

2.Complete the fields as required. Note that Total Entitlement Quantity is the number of instances of the software product that your license agreement entitles you to, while Available Entitlement Quantity is the number of remaining instances you're entitled to.

3.Complete the associated tabs as required:

Contract Line Items – Link line items from the Contract Line Items workspace that are appropriate for this record, such as maintenance agreements, extended warranties, and so on.

Entitlements – Link entitlement line items from the Contract Line Items workspace that are appropriate for this record. For details about contract line items and entitlements, see Adding contract line items.

Entitlement Assets – View details about the hardware asset records associated with entitlements for this software product.

Relationships – Create a visual relationship mapping of how this software asset is connected in your IT system.

Journal – Add any relevant notes to this record.

Attachments – Attach a document to this record, or add a URL link to a relevant website. URLs must include the https:// prefix.

Audit History – Automatically tracks any changes made to key attributes of this record.

4.Click Save to save the software asset record in this workspace, as well as the Hardware Assets workspace (where the Software Asset asset type will display with the other available asset types).

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