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Finding missing assets with subnet mapping

Identifying where your assets are, and spotting when they are not where they should be is an important asset management responsibility. Asset Manager Essentials, combined with an Ivanti Cloud data connector that discovers asset records from your data source, helps with this by comparing assigned subnets with discovered subnets for assets, and producing a corresponding exception report.

For details about configuring an Ivanti Cloud data connector for your data source, see the help provided with Ivanti Cloud at

Users with the Asset Administrator or Asset Manager role can assign an asset to a location using the Details tab on the asset record page (see Working with assets). Then, by creating a list of your subnets and associating them with specific locations, you can identify when assets have been discovered in a subnet that is not in the asset's assigned location.

To create a subnet mapping:

1.Open the Subnet Mapping workspace and click New.

2.Type the subnet address in the Subnet field.

3.Enter the Location associated with this subnet address.
This mapping between the subnet and location is used to identify discovered exceptions.

4.Enter the Gateway and Subnet MAC.
These fields are used for information only, and are not used in the exception report.

5.Click Save.

Now that you've associated your subnets with a location, and associated your assets with a location, you can use the Asset Exceptions dashboard to find which assets have been discovered in the wrong location. For details about dashboards, see Dashboards.

You can assign an asset to a different location via the Hardware Assets workspace.

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