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Bookmarking important items with the Watchlist

There are going to be times when you know that you'll want to find an item again quickly. For this reason, Asset Manager Essentials enables you to pin certain items—such as individual assets, purchase orders, product catalog items, and so on—to a watchlist that's always available and gives access to these items with a single click. The watchlist also includes links to items that you've recently created or updated.

The watchlist is available for the Asset Administrator and all manager user roles.

To pin items to the watchlist:

1.Select an item in a list, such as an asset in the Hardware Assets workspace.

2.Above the list, click the Pin It icon Pin It icon.
The item is added to the watchlist.

When you've pinned items to the watchlist, you can easily access them even if you don't have the relevant workspace displayed.

To access items in the watchlist:

1.At the top right of the page, below the log out icon, click Watchlist.
The watchlist appears, listing all of the items you've added to it.

2.Click the required item.
The item appears.

You can remove items from the watchlist by clicking the x icon alongside the item you want to remove.

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