Asset Manager Essentials


Getting started

To get started using Asset Manager Essentials, refer to the topics below:

Importing your data – The first thing you need to do is get your data into the product. There are several methods for doing this—find the best one for your situation.

Asset Manager user roles – Access to the different workspaces is controlled by the roles a user account is associated with. Read about user roles and the workspaces available to them.

Working with assets – The Hardware Assets workspace provides access to all your asset records. Learn about the asset details you can view from this workspace and how to manage those records.

Dashboards – A number of dashboards are available to the different user roles as starting points to understanding the viewable data. Read about each dashboard, as well as the user roles that have access to them.

Asset Manager Essentials is very similar to the related product Ivanti Service Manager, upon which it runs. The products share many of the same workspaces. If you have experience using Service Manager, you'll find this product to be very familiar.

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