Designing the Product Catalog form

Use the Request Offerings workspace to design the Product Catalog form, which is the user interface that enables users to request assets from the online Product Catalog. The Procurement Manager user role has access to this workspace, as do the Asset Administrator and Asset Manager roles.

You should design the form after adding items to the Product Catalog workspace. Once the form is created, relevant manager user roles can assign assets to customers from the Asset Requests workspace, and Asset Mobile users can place requests for themselves or others from the Self-Service Portal website. For details, see Asset requests.

If your system is integrated with Ivanti Service Manager, you'll see request offerings in this workspace for both products.

To design the Product Catalog form

1.Open the Request Offerings workspace. In the left Browse by Category panel, click General Services.

A list displays showing the available form templates. Some of the templates are for Service Manager, but the offerings that mention the Product Catalog are specific to Asset Manager. Choose from offerings for computer, consumable, general asset, infrastructure, mobile device, and peripheral device requests.

2.From the list, select the request offering you want to create for the Product Catalog. The form-template designer opens. Complete the four procedures required to create the form:

Define the request offering

Design a request form

Plan a request fulfillment

Publish the action access

Note that each procedure is described in detail in the Ivanti Service Manager Admin online help at

3.Click Save.